Are You Ready To Strip Fat, Build Muscle and Transform Your Fitness Results In Just 12 Weeks? The Body Transformation Project for Men is Here!

What’s Included in The Body Transformation Project?

  • The 12 week Body Transformation Project Program – Three phases on training included in one Transformation system. We’ll run through THREE different split training methods that will help you target particular muscles for growth and accelerate your training to the next level. You’ll discover the techniques need to strip fat, build muscle and transform your body!


  • The Body Transformation Project Diet System – My proven diet system allows you food flexibility and the opportunity to learn how to set up your diet to WIN. We’re going to drive personal bests in the gym whilst burning fuel on your non training days as you adopt a calorie cycling plan that works. I’ll teach you how to do this through portion sizes or through counting calories – whichever works best for YOU.


  • The Body Transformation Project Library – most of the exercises you see people perform in the gym are done sub optimally and without the necessary tension or effort being applied to the working muscle. Here i’ll share with you how you can achieve a training advantage and get more from your workouts than ever before!


  • Weekly accountability from one of the UK’s leading coaches and current in the trenches owner of CMPGyms, Chris Mason – Each week you’ll check in with your progress results and share with me your efforts. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you need answering or be able to modify the plan to whatever is needed. I’m with you for the 12 weeks the whole way through.


  • The Reverse Diet – So you you’ve achieved awesome results, no what? Do you just gain all the fat you lost, back? No, as the program ends i will share with you The Reverse Diet Guide so that you can slowly but surely start increasing your calories without increasing your waistline! And more importantly, never have to fad diet again!

This program delivers what you need to TRANSFORM your results.

The training program will be delivered online weekly, simply log into your account and download the program for that week and hit the training program hard!

£50/4 Weeks

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